Something Depressing, for fun!

Lol if you want to palm your face, read the comments section here:
Ranked choice voting OK’d by Maine Supreme Court, rejecting Republican opposition | Fox News

This is the level of ignorance we are dealing with…

Will pave the way to get a good voting system in. If Ordinal systems are allowed surely Cardinal ones are.

Hopefully so. I just meant the comments section there lol.

A lot of people don’t understand IRV, and so they immediately distrust it. Whenever there’s a public hearing on IRV in my area, a certain crowd, generally older and somewhat more conservative shows up to oppose it mostly by arguing things like “the old system worked for the 40 years I’ve been voting, what’s wrong with it now?” and “I’ve had RCV [IRV] explained to me several times and I never understand it.” The process for IRV is intuitive for someone who’s been frustrated by vote splitting before, but not someone who never saw it as a problem.

This is an advantage for Approval and Score, I think. It’s hard to misunderstand simple addition.


Yeah that makes sense. I guess I have a hard time empathizing with not understanding it. It seems like not understanding it sort of requires refusing to entertain it at all, which essentially means flat out not listening to what other people are even saying. That’s fairly frustrating to see.

Not that I’m pro RCV. It’s just not that hard of a concept to wrap your head around.

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The other thing is that sadly a lot of people don’t care about fair play in democracy and just want to support the procedure that gives their guys the best chance to win even if it doesn’t accurately reflect public sentiment. Republicans have a bad reputation for it since a lot of what they do seems to be to insulate their agenda from the effects of elections, but Democrats do it as well. Recall when Sanders was ahead during the early primaries and some of his supporters (and Sanders himself) tried to delegitimize nominating anyone other than the plurality delegate winner at the convention, while some people who opposed Sanders suggested allowing superdelegates to vote on the first ballot.

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Totally, they don’t care about fair play or equity, and they’ll easily lie about it, whether it’s to themselves or just to everybody else. Hopefully enough people who are either being cut out of the loop or who have a sense of ethics do care and can see past the smoke and mirrors. It would be nice if the hypocrisy was as transparent to everybody as it is to us. I don’t necessarily blame them either, the incentives are just screwed up. The founders had no means to foresee this state of affairs.