minor suggestions and feedback

I think is a very useful site, but there are some minor suggestions I’d like to offer.

The main thing is that, while in single-winner STAR elections, the website can accurately tell you whether or not the STAR winner is also the Condorcet winner, it doesn’t quite properly inform you of this for multi-winner STAR elections:

  • A real example from there’s a 3-winner election where the first winner is a Condorcet winner, and the 2nd winner is a “Condorcet runner-up” (pairwise beats everyone except the CW) and the 3rd winner is a “3rd place Condorcet candidate” (beats everyone except the runner-up and CW). But the website doesn’t mention that when you look at the results; it just says that the 2nd and 3rd STAR winners are not CWs.
  • Suppose you had a 3-winner STAR election, and the 3 winners all happen to be in a Condorcet cycle, but are the only members of the Smith set. Even though none of them are Condorcet winners, they still are pretty much the best candidates based on pairwise data, so it’d be nice to have the site mention that.