STAR Voting with an optional runoff

Here is the simplest way to do it: for each race on the ballot, list “Skip the runoff” (or “Elect the highest scored candidate”) as a candidate. If “Skip the runoff” wins the STAR election, elect the runner-up instead (who is the highest-scored other candidate.)

One more way would be to allow a voter to cast a vote in the runoff that is proportional to their scores by checking a box on their ballot i.e. Candidate A gets 0.6 of a vote and Candidate B 0.4 votes if your scores for them were 6/10 and 4/10. This is STOR (Score Then Optional Runoff) and becomes Score when everyone checks the box.

Why complicate things?

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No particular reason, it might be a useful variant for some situations.

It might also be nice to have some kind of “Ranked Approval” where you rank the candidates, the candidates ranked are approved, and the candidate ranked higher by a majority among the top two approved candidates wins.

What about just a binary question “Use runoff?” It activates if >50% check it. If the vote ties, it goes to normal Score.