Straight Ticket Voting

I just found out about Straight Ticket Voting. This is just the worst thing I have heard… How is this not something that had been brought up here?

There seems to be a push against it in the last few years according to this page.

Looks like you found another STV to oppose :slight_smile:

Its really more like party list voting but yea, this is dumb.

I think the reason it hasn’t been brought up here is that since it isn’t mandatory, it arguably just allows people to do what they were going to do anyway slightly faster. Proponents argue that it shortens lines at polling places. (Which wouldn’t be a problem if there were more polling places.) Although if the ballot is intimidatingly long, then people might resort to it out of convenience, sort of like how almost nobody votes below the line in Australia.

Thats only for the senate, right? For the parliament you have to rank candidates. Or am I wrong on this?

Yes, it’s just for the Senate, but the single-winner elections that don’t use party lists don’t have lines.