STV in Eastpointe MI mandated by US DOJ for Proportional Representation

Big news for Proportional Representation in the US!

In June, the US Department of Justice entered into an agreement with the City of Eastpointe MI requiring that the city implement Single-Transferable Vote (STV) in order to achieve Proportional Representation and include African Americans in the city council.

It is easy to miss the fact that this is STV, not IRV, since only the ambiguous term Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) is used in the order. But it is clearly being applied to multiple at-large votes, so that some small measure of Proportional Representation will result.

Here are the most relevant elements:

  1. Defendants will maintain staggered terms for members of the Eastpointe City Council, electing two councilmembers in each regularly scheduled election.
  1. The current at-large, multiple-vote method of electing members of the Eastpointe City Council shall be replaced with ranked choice voting.

This decree shall expire four years from its effective date, absent further action by this Court.

The Memorandum of Understanding referred to generically covers both the single-winner and multi-winner methods in detail:

I wonder how this specific method compares with the methods in Cambridge MA, Minneapolis MN, and other countries.

Could this be the Aspen system? (Reset the count after you have one winner, so that the majority wins both seats.)
Also, is it really desirable to have majority and minority deadlocked 50/50 in the City Council? At least have 1/3 seats up for election in one of the staggered elections!