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My other organization (which hopes to use optimal, probably STAR, voting internally…) published this blog post about our Discourse instance and the tweaks we did for it:

So, that’s a good reference for things to consider to improve the forum here.


Anything you’d like in particular?


The reaction being “appreciate” with :+1: is so much better than :heart: as “like” .

Retort is great and the reactions we chose are super valuable, especially “changed my mind”.

We also (not mentioned in post), other couple plugins that would worth considering: discourse-footnote, discourse-solved

And we feel good about our Code of Conduct and the edits we made to the wordings around flagging, but that’s stuff I hope to eventually describe more thoroughly in another blog post (don’t have time here and now)


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I made a couple of responses in a thread, and there was a suggestion that it was easier for readers if these were combined. It would not be easier for readers if responses were threaded, (i.e., effectively, sub-threads are created for responses. My blog allows 10 levels of subthreading.) But that led me to notice that there is no subthreading. This is deficient for a discussion forum. Responses to a particular comment are not displayed with that comment, but at the bottom. If the concern is for the reader, the implementation doesn’t show it.

As well, the suggestion then effectively, if I follow it, would cause me to postpone a specific response, increasing work for me, as a writer. II don’t know what software is being used here and what options exist. It might be a user option to display comments as threads or linearly by date, but I don’t see that.

How to manage conversations and threads in Discourse

Switching from iPad chrome to desktop Firefox allowed me to view this topic. I was also having trouble with Fairvote extends an olive branch since a few weeks ago, but now I can see both threads.


Maybe announce site maintenance or whatever was going on these past few days in advance.


Yeah that wasn’t expected – DNS error because of the new site. Apologies!


They tell me that if you are going to have a (say) =// //= forum, then you may have a =// //= blog. And =// //= should simply redirect to =// //=. Else great sorrow.


Another suggestion: use the moderation tools to split up topics that go off-topic. From above, /t/suggestions-for-forum-tweaks/172/4 on is a reporting of a bug that is not about forum tweaks at all. It just hijacks this topic and buries the original discussion.

Discourse has easy tools to select chunks of a topic and move to a new topic. Please use that liberally.