Tech for New Forum

I run a server on Linode for my personal home page and a small static other site. I could add the voting-theory server if someone can say how to configure nginx to invoke it, because I am using nginx for my reverse proxy. I would not be happy to switch to Apache. If there’s a third option, someone could pitch it to me. I am at the $5/mo. size, and if the forum requirements ever exceeded that size, I might not be willing to foot the increase from my own pocketbook. But sharing the server could work for a while, for a cost saving.

Even if the forum is never to be on a shared server, I still suggest Linode as the underlying net-connected virtual-machine service. I could participate by doing some of the maintenance e. g. pulling the OS updates once every three months.

I would suggest scrupulous codifying of the procedures for setting up the assembled system from scratch, those procedures to be maintained as scripts with the updates and version control using git and stored on Bitbucket (preferably) or Github.

If I were going to do the whole forum thing, the first approach that would come to my mind would be to research for an existing free and open-source solution coded in JS/Javascript/Ecmascript, not to be confused with Java, despite the similar names. If free software is available, it should not be necessary to choose a solution involving a license fee nor software-as-a-service.

I don’t have any skill or experience to offer here, but it sounds like the choice of self-hosting vs going with something hosted is a big difference in the cost-work ratio?

My vote would be for free, easy, and great if that’s possible. :slight_smile: