Testify against RCV in Oregon today at 1pm or submit written testimony by 1pm tomorrow

In Oregon there are 8 bills on voting reform in the legislature including one for STAR and one for Approval. Today, 3/16, 2 of the RCV senate bills are up for a hearing at 1pm. Sign up to speak now, or submit written testimony even after the fact until 1pm tomorrow 3/17.

Tell them why RCV isn’t good enough and tell them we can do better and the rest of the country is watching.

ACTION ITEM: Sign up to speak and submit public testimony opposing SB791 and SB343 for RCV. (Even though you aren’t local.) These bills would cut off STAR Voting at the pass and set our movement back.

Select Rules Committee and the 3/16 1pm session and upload your pdf. Written Testimony is due by 1pm on Wednesday 3/17. For ideas and talking points see: https://www.starvoting.us/rcv_v_star