The case for Random Ballot

The best part about random ballot voting is that a large % of people will write their own name on the ballot so the odds of getting a “random” citizen in the position is pretty high. This creates a fascinating incentive to limit the powers of office holders to avoid arbitrary and capricious use.

Legislative bodies are all too eager to offload the hard work of writing laws and just create executive branch departments to write the laws for them. Knowing that random people are in charge of those departments might make them more inclined to fill out the details a little.

Then what if the legislature is random ballot. An average person with no ambitions for reelection could be much less corrupt than a career politicians who relies on pork from special interest to fund campaigns. Also if everyday people comprise the legislature laws would be drafted in a more straightforward manner and I think people would be less reluctant to reject bills that are full of garbage amendments since they have no fear of losing afterwards.

Vote-counting would become really difficult though, right? Any time there is a new write-in name, you have to stop and store that information.

You don’t have to count any votes you just draw a single random ballot an that’s the winner. This isn’t the same as sortition voting which is where you assume every ballot randomly was filled out.