The Mueller report is here. There is no avoiding it


This thread is for discussing the Mueller Report that was published this morning.

Currently I have no comments, other than [REDACTED].

Edit: Clarified topic, and redacted some info in a desperate attempt to separate voting reform from partisan politics.


Which thing, exactly?


Well, I thought it would be clear, but… I am talking about:

The Mueller Report


I am Canadian so did not really follow the story. Is the summary 2 years of effort and no collusion found?

You guys should follows our leader, he knows how to be corrupt. We have already convicted him 4 times on ethics and there is a new big scandal going on which has taken down many major officials.


Not enough evidence to show collusion, but the report “also does not exonerate” Trump.

There is also overwhelming evidence that Russia has interfered, meddled, and divided what little “democracy” we thought we had. (OK, those last seven words were mine.)

It seems that voters will have to decide on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Decide, that is, using an Electoral College + First Past The Post system that has a nontrivial chance of throwing a scandal-ridden old white Democrat (I.e. Biden) out as the alternative.

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There’s really no significant evidence that Russians attempted to influence the 2016 elections (where is it???).

This is most unfortunate since the Russian people have about ten times more democracy than the war-taxed, radically disinformed subjects of the U.S. open-air prison-state.


For example,

See: Alexei Navalny. Also, Yevgeny Roizman.


There is a large difference between Russia stealing incriminating document from the dems plus running advertising vs actual interference with the counting or ballot process. Was any of the latter found?

Also, was any evidence Trump was involved in any of that found?


Pages 50 and 51 of the report discuss hacking of election administration. They hacked voter registration databases and collected information from them. They may have been in a position to alter or delete voter registration data, although there isn’t any evidence to suggest that they actually did. (This has been known for a while:
There is no reason to believe that they directly changed any vote totals.


At least the US has a free press and the elections, despite using FPTP, are still reasonably fair by FPTP standards. (I hear a recent Russian “election” had ballot-stuffing to the point where some precincts reportedly had over 101% turnout.) And in the US, the government cannot legally kill or jail you for speaking your opinion.

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“at least the US has a free press and…”

I am going to begin crying now. I feel I am leading a pack of city slickers in the deepest wilderness of Yosemite National Park. This is really frightening. Please stop listening to all those insane narratives put out by “our” Three Trillion Dollar Security Apparatus Media! What are you really watching CNN??? No. Putin does not eat roasted infants! How do you think the Security Apparatus get all those Trillions of Dollars from us?

Here is a wonderful gentleman who made a video about exactly this. (He “passed away” within a couple weeks of making this video):

European media writing pro-US stories under CIA pressure - German journo


“…and the elections, despite using FPTP, are still reasonably fair by FPTP standards…”


Has anybody heard of Dmitri Orlov? Well here he is explaining the truth about so-called “democracy” in the US (this is the very smartest one in the room by far):

Election2018 (Dmitri Orlov)

And Mr. Orlov probes much deeper at:

:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ //
Saker Analytics – Placing the USA on a collapse continuum with Dmitry Orlov – January 11, 2019

Cultural and social collapse are very far along. Financial collapse is waiting for a trigger. Commercial collapse will happen in stages some of which—food deserts, for instance—have already happened in many places. Political collapse will only become visible once the political class gives up. It’s not as simple as saying which stage we are at. They are all happening in parallel, to one extent or another.
// ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:

History will happen, and it definitely will not be televised.


The whole media narrative that this was specifically about collusion — that was designed to undermine any significant findings. What it found was what any knowledgeable person would suspect: no real collusion, just Russia indeed doing deceptive and malicious propagandizing and social manipulation as well as some attempts to hack into election tech — i.e. stuff all sorts of actors (including the U.S.) do in our dishonest political reality. That doesn’t mean every actor is equally bad or effective or unethical.

Understanding in general (not exclusive to Russia) how crafty political manipulations work in today’s environment is important.

It was not about collusion as some yes/no question. Accepting the hype around the report or the other side’s outright dismissal, either would be intellectually careless/reckless.