The New Forum Is Open


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That URL isn’t working, but this does: is working for me. Do you have Javascript disabled?

Congratulations to all involved! Even did it in time to announce it here before this was deleted.

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I think the relative timing of those two events is mainly thanks to CES board chair Felix Sargent, who has held the present forum open far past the original schedule, to give us time to make the new one work.

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Agreed thanks @fsargent


Just bumping this thread to the most recent so that people know to not post new discussions here

bumping this to the top to stop people from posting here

As many here should know, I advocate a voting system named ‘hedge voting’. For certain reasons, my work has not been appreciated by people in other venues. Something named the ‘luxthralldom effect’ will, I believe, cause approval voting to fail. For example, in the 2004 presidential election, I strongly suspect that Gore would have won easily over W. Bush and Nader with approval voting. Gore turned out to be a real war-monger. With hedge voting, which is a simplified form of range voting, to permit hand counting, Nader could have won. With that, voters could grant 5 votes to their most preferreds, 4 votes to their lesser evils, and, perhaps a no-decision (0) vote to their greater-evils. Since I prefer to avoid being treated ungraciously. I will discuss this, as well as my algorithmic redistricting method on my own blog. It is at:

Thanks to all who have taken the time to read my material so far!

Please stop posting here. This forum is closed. If you want to advocate for Hedge Voting then post about it on

Or… Why not just go to my blog? This is a great forum. I hope they don’t close it. :grin:

Because I have not seen enough to pique my interest. There is not even an page for Hedge Voting.

It is closed and has been for a while. The new one is just as good.

Your interest is unpiqued? My apologies. :grin: