This forum's overlap with Reddit


So you made this forum coming from the EndFPTP Slack, which was created from the subreddit, but the subreddit is also a discussion forum about voting reform. Can you specify what the scope of this forum is vs reddit and where they overlap and where they don’t?


Hey @psephomancy,

This isn’t coming from the EndFPTP slack – this is the forum for The Center for Election Science, a 501©(3) committed to improving voting in the US.

Reddit is great, but it’s primarily a news source. This forum is an area for organizing advocacy, as well as general discussion.

Slack too is great, but I see barely any activity on it. We’re not at the scale yet where synchronous conversation is the most productive format.

The forum is so CES and other voting reform organizations can have a place for people to meet other advocates and transform passion into projects.


For a whole host of reasons, going with Discourse is the best choice, hooray.

I’m involved with an org ( that happens to be hoping to set up our own elections with the best voting systems. We went through much of the same issues and ended up finding Discourse the best option by far. It’s better for preserving history and managing a community versus Reddit. There’s no ads, it’s fully free/libre/open. It has all sorts of wonderful features.

I hope to finish a blog post soon about our set up of it and encourage others like this forum to consider tweaks to Discourse that we found useful.


Great - let us know if you see any things we can improve in our forum.
I’d love a better polling/voting system!

Suggestions for forum tweaks