Volunteer Remotely for the STL Approval Voting Campaign!

As you know, we’re working with STL Approves to get approval voting implemented in St. Louis. Now, the campaign needs your help!

STL Approves needs volunteers to help verify petition signatures to get approval voting on the ballot in 2020. This work can be done completely remotely, so you don’t need to live in St. Louis to chip in!

Can you give a couple hours of your time to verify signatures?

If so, contact STL Approves campaign manager, Jon Clancy, at jon@stlapproves.org.

Getting enough signatures to put approval voting on the ballot is the first step to bringing fairer, more representative elections to St. Louis.

Thanks in advance for your support and for your time! Together, we can strengthen democracy for the 300,000+ citizens of the Gateway City.

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Approval voting will probably do little to disrupt party lock-in, since the hedge strategy is not available to voters with approval voting. Strategic hedge simple score would disrupt the entire elite supremacist game, since it definitely does support the hedge strategy, which removes at least 90% of the spoiler effect.

Also, please see my website:

It is clear to me that ranked choice voting does preserve the spoiler effect. See:

Flaws of Instant Runoff Voting – by Kathy Dopp

Therefore, I see score voting as the best system. So I cannot volunteer for approval while I am energetically out demonstrating for score. Sorry.

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All you’d need to disrupt party lock-in in Approval Voting is for the 3rd parties to grow large, then to ask their voters to bullet vote them.

Yeah great. Then you end up with three-party lock-in. (The ‘Green Party’ in Europe supports color revolutions and Imperial Wars). The elite supremacists are not quite brain-dead yet.

Maybe it’d be temporary lock-in (over a few elections), but remember that even as a voter bullet votes a large 3rd party, they might decide to cast a second vote for an even more attractive 3rd party, which someday might become large and then become a 4th party that voters then bullet vote, etc.

‘Bullet voting’ will prove to be useless and absurd. Only strategic hedge voting will provide any advantage. And only score voting makes that workable. (It would work with STAR voting too, but that’s silly.)

Do you have an example where bullet voting fails over a few elections but strategic hedge score voting works?

Approval voting has been permitted by the elite supremacists a few times, but score voting has never been permitted in political (non-casual) elections. So how can any example of strategic hedge exist at all? It has never been allowed.

A theoretical example, sorry.

I’d love to help. I’ll contact Jon.

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Awesome! Thanks, Michael!

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Approval Voting is a good stepping stone to get to Score. The methods are similar on the surface but Approval is simpler and easier to pitch than Score.

It’s like trying to have humans orbit Mars before actually trying to let them walk on it. Clearly the latter is the real achievement, but the first can inspire motivation to finish the second before the Other Guys do it.

You know, I criticized you on this approach a while ago… but seeing how quickly the Other Guys are progressing, we might just have to Throw Everything At The Wall and See What Sticks.

Would probably make it harder to convince FairVote to use Equal-Rank IRV later on though.

CES can do the positive approach officially and individuals can do the combatative approach not on the CES label – then we can claim to have nothing to do with it.

Onlookers: I am not affiliated with CES.

Why not let the results speak for themselves? If cardinal methods outperform IRV in the next decade or two, it’ll probably be obvious enough to shift momentum on its own.

This is a lot of work! A lot of the signatures are completely illegible.

Maybe someone web-savvy could set up a web interface for the list of registered voters so we could type in the parts of the line that are legible (typically the house number) and it would quickly filter the list and show all the possible matches on one screen? My old computer doesn’t like filtering this spreadsheet with 210,000 rows in it.

I’ve been doing something similar with CSVFileView http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/csv_file_view.html, but it’s still pretty clunky.

It also has weird entries like “. Q9QQ66” or “APRIL MICHELLE 3”, which I assume are not real people’s names.

Thanks for the feedback, psephomancy! Would you like me to send your feedback along to the STL Approves folks? Unfortunately, we at CES don’t have any involvement in the signature gathering and verification process. You’re also welcome to send them the feedback yourself, of course. Tyler Schlichenmeyer is the Volunteer Coordinator for this project – tyler.schlichenmeyer@gmail.com. Let me know what you prefer!

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