Volunteer to Create a CES Wikipedia Entry?

Hi everyone!

Wikipedia has a glaring hole in it’s content – there’s no page for The Center for Election Science! As you probably know, Wikipedia prohibits anyone affiliated with an organization from creating their own page. This is a smart policy, as it keeps Wikipedia unbiased. But it also means that even though there’s no page for CES, we can’t dedicate staff time to creating one.

Would anyone here be willing to create a CES page? To be clear, you would be volunteering to do this on your own time and without the aid of CES. Most information about us can be found on our website, including a list of media mentions and transparency documents that can be used as sources.

Again, we will in no way be directing you and will not be involved in the writing of the page. I’m mainly making this post as a way to make you all aware that there is no CES page, and it would be great if someone would take it upon themselves to create one :slight_smile:

Director of Operations & Programs

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Someone should probably let the Equal Vote Coalition and Center for Range Voting know to have a page created too.

This Wikipedia (a sort-of encyclopedia that certain people can edit) has maybe ~20% very good science and tech entries, ~80% practically unreadable science and tech entries, and loads and loads of social science garbage that people would be far better off just not ever bothering to read. Plus, I am not really much of a fan of Wikipedia. But that’s merely my own opinion.

If they ever did a page about me I would become very critical of them.

They are incredibly powerful in influencing people’s opinions though, and having the legitimacy of a Wikipedia page is helpful.

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Well, if Wikipedia is “incredibly powerful in influencing people’s opinions” then that just increases my suspicion that the entire US society must collapse completely before any significant change can occur.

Thanks so much for creating this so quickly, AVA! We appreciate it! Hopefully the entry can become more and more fleshed out by users over time (with our history, founders, date of incorporation, etc.). But you’re absolutely right that just having a Wikipedia entry in-and-of-itself helps us build legitimacy and credibility. Thanks for that!

Also, just as a note, the link you used for “Approval Voting” doesn’t work. It’s probably best to use electionscience.org/library/approval-voting.


It’s so strange that approval.vote works but not www.approval.vote or https://www.approval.vote. I personally think it’s really great to have that abbreviated format, just so people can remember where to navigate to and remember the voting system itself, so it might be worth checking out if possible.

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Looks like whoever set up that part of the website had not slept recently enough. The data should (unless there is insecurity about ‘certificate issues’) be located at =/ https : / / www . approval . vote /=. The ‘top level domain’ (TLD) here is ‘vote’; the ‘sub-level domain’ is ‘approval’; and (I guess) the ‘sub-sub level domain’ is ‘www’. All the other variant address names should ‘redirect’ to this one.

They say there should always be a ‘sub-sub level domain’ (like ‘www’) or else there could be trouble, later on.

I think that died or became the CES. I have not heard from WDS since the new forum.

Center for Range Voting is still active:

@fsargent could you fix this issue with approval.vote?

CES and the Center for Range Voting are not affiliated organizations.

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@AssetVotingAdvocacy for some reason the CES Wikipedia page is currently in draft mode. Do you know why that might be? Maybe someone else is editing it, but I wanted to see if you had any insight.

They want more independent sources for verifiability. I’ll try to link to media articles.

Ah, gotcha. Hopefully some of the articles we have on our media mentions page can help with that. Thanks again for taking your time to do this!

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That is not really accurate. Warren Smith began rangevoting.org in about 2003 maybe. electology.org was founded later based on a lot of the content of rangevoting.org. The people behind it felt, probably correctly, that rangevoting.org was too technical and not digestible for the public. Warren was the first CES president, and was later replaced by Hamlin. After that Warren who was basically the whole center for range voting focused on research. The CES focused on outreach and later changed to electionscience.org

It might be worth while to have a section on the wikipedia page about this founding.

Yes, that’s true, Keith. I just meant that the Center for Range Voting was not subsumed into CES and we don’t have any operational or strategic connections at this point.

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Fixed. Check out https://www.approval.vote

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https://www.approval.vote and www.approval.vote link to different pages. Was that your intention?