Vote for 2-3... in Single-Winner Elections?

The Piedmont City Clerk let me know a while back that there are no election systems certified to use Approval Voting in California, therefore it’s currently illegal. While I’m still pursuing Approval, I thought of a hack that might work; push for PAL Voting (vote for up to two to three), except limit the number of winners… to 1! That way, you still get plenty of third-party voting, without having to get an all-new certification or change to the election systems. I don’t know if it’d work, but maybe it would make things cheaper/easier to implement in certain places, so it might be worth a go. So instead of having an at-large City Council election where two or three members are elected at once, you can split it out by seat, so it’s all technically still on the same ballot, but each seat has its own list of candidates and is a single-winner election (or you can do it by area.) (check this out; Ctrl+F “santa clara city council” for an example)
As an aside, with vote for up to three you can have up to six candidates without any vote-splitting. The moment you have 7, the 7th place candidate can potentially be a spoiler for one of the other 3 losers.