Action items 10/7 - Volunteers Needed

The tech team is taking an approach of self-hosting and the main forum software is working. We are working on how to do email in a server. @waugh is seeking a conference with an expert on Postfix.

Other action items in need of volunteers:

  • Come up with moderator election process.
  • Facilitate moderator election.
  • Draft Privacy Policy
  • Draft Terms of Service
  • Create initial posts for introduction, code of conduct and other necessary content
  • Create a logo and other branding elements for the new site
  • Define the look and feel of the new forum
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Comment on our list of proposed forum topics!

  • Projects/Development
    • Tech development
    • Research
  • Innovation:
    • New voting method inventions
    • Variations
  • Voting Method Discussion
    • Philosophy
    • Voting methods:
      • Single-winner
      • multi-winner
        • PR
        • Bloc
  • Election policy and reforms
    • Districting
    • Electoral College
    • Election Security and Integrity
    • Auditing
    • Voter Disenfranchisement
    • Vote by mail and eballoting
    • Advocacy and outreach:
    • Political Parties
    • Nation specific policy
  • Welcome
    • Electoral Theory 101
    • Frequently proposed methods
    • Resources- Link groups, pages, articles, etc.
  • Watercooler/Cat pictures
  • Meta/internal forum processes.
    • Request for Features
    • Issues
    • Forum Policy

If anyone wants to poke around on the staging server, just know that anything posted there will be wiped out, and that it currently cannot send e-mail notifications.

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In my opinion it looks like those suggestions cover a swathe of topics that is simultaneously broad and deep! So nice job. Maybe Economics and/or Political Theory sections, unless you envision those belonging to Philosophy or Electoral Theory.

Linking back to Categories at the new forum

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I think Political Theory would fall under philosophy. Economic discussion that is relevant to the forum probably would as well, but I am not confident in that assessment.


There’s a thread for discussion on forum organization here:

Let’s keep that conversation over there in one thread so it’ll be easy to reference.

Yeah, the Philosophy category could use fleshing out.

I always assume that economics is off-topic, but it’s definitely attractive to some of the same people. Why would you want an economics category in a voting theory forum?