What helps whom?


Is this an appropriate characterization of incentives regarding electoral reform?

FPTP + Gerrymandering + Voter suppression: Benefits the Republicans now but could also help the Democrats.
IRV + Fair districts + Voting rights: Benefits the Dems for sure.
STAR or Approval or Asset, + Fair Districts + Voting Rights: Benefits the Dems initially but eventually helps 3rd parties and independents,


I get what you’re going for but I think it’s the wrong lens. Better voting systems help everyone. Who may win in the initial round is just a matter of spin, and it can work better for whoever implements it. Republicans should implement it because there are a majority of Republicans who think that what it means to be “republican” is out of whack with their own values. Same with Democrats. We’re not in the business of changing people’s minds, just in the business of aligning the incentives of our representatives with the thoughts and values of the average person.

Switching to any of these policies changes what it means to be Republican or a Democrat.


Approval voting helps two groups of people voters and non voters.


Do they? I’d love to see a link to that survey. That’d make it easier to sell voting reform to the full political spectrum.