What's the best site on RCV and STV


I’m looking for a website or websites that are in favor of RCV, but that does not sell it/them with false and misleading claims. Part of being a non-biased source is presenting valid information from multiple perspectives. Suggestions? Are any sites on RCV fact checked?

So far the best I’ve found is: https://www.rankedchoicevoting.org
With the most misleading sentence being not that bad, relatively: “The “spoiler effect” has long been a point of contention in close political contests, where a third candidate appears to have drawn first choice votes away from one candidate in a closely contested race. Ranked choice voting allows these voters’ full range of preferences to be reflected in the final outcome.”

Who runs that site?

Are there any sources that can be sited to illustrate that FairVote or others are not factually accurate sites, or that illustrate the problematic history that FairVote has had with other voting reforms?


About your Also: Wikipedia, CES, and ScoreVoting.net fact check lots of IRV propaganda… for instance https://www.rangevoting.org/Irvtalk.html is out of date (psst psst WDS) but hits every point.


I have a site that illustrates many of FairVote’s examples (also a good resource), but I just added a link to electionscience that shows where RCV fails. It simulates RCV elections: irvtest.htm.