Where to follow the voting reform referenda?


If I want to watch the results for Fargo’s approval and Lane County’s STAR referenda, as well as watching for IRV referenda (hoping they fail), where would I go to see live counts?


For Fargo, maybe here?
Nah, the measure seems too local. Probably they’ll be posted here:


For Lane County, it’ll be here:

If the link doesn’t work, try accessing it through this page:


Ballotpedia has Approval Voting up 5883-3127 with 33% precincts reporting.
STAR trailing by 8k votes.


It’s passing easy-peasy with a 2:1 margin and 19 precints reporting

Unfortunately the same cannot be said about STAR voting (yes 64572 no 72357)


Now all 21 precincts are in. Approval passes, 16,326 to 9,189.


Final Result in Lane County:
STAR voting is defeated, 74408 to 82157.