Wolf Committee Results

This is the whole point of defining metrics which measure the “cost” of such flaws and then simulating.

I am going to follow up from this on Loomio

All are welcome to join. Please ask @Sara_Wolf

IIB and the quota rule are incompatible. In a 9 winner election where the party votes are: 51, 9, 9, 8, 8, 8, 8, the Droop quota rule would require the largest party to receive between 5 and 6 seats, but if you add 4 parties that each receive 7 votes, then the largest party must receive between 3 and 4 seats. Every other party would receive between 0 and 1, but the 7-vote parties would only win seats if a 9 vote or 8 vote party won no seats, which would make those ballots irrelevant.

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